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Jared Smith’s Departure from Sangoma

Those of you who know me know that I’m very passionate about open source and about open source telephony projects. As the VP of Open Source Community Development here at Sangoma, I’m proud of the work that we’ve been able to do to ensure that the Asterisk and FreePBX open source projects remain strong and

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A Call to Action!

Hey Everybody! For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Matthew Fredrickson and I’m the Asterisk Open Source Project Lead. Does that mean I’m the best software developer or most prolific committer to the project? No. Does it mean I can answer every single question about using Asterisk? Not necessarily. Oftentimes it

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Interview with new Asterisk developer, Ben Ford

Hello, my name is Matthew Fredrickson and I’m the project lead for the Asterisk project. We recently hired someone new onto the project to help with development. His name is Ben Ford. I’ll be interviewing him today so we can learn more about him, his background, and what brought him to want to work on

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