An Introduction to the Community

An Introduction to the Community

Hi Folks!

My name is Mike Bradeen and I am the newest member of the Asterisk Development Team at Sangoma.  I live outside Boulder Colorado with my wife and two kids not too far from fellow team member George Joseph.  Although this is my introduction to the community at large, hopefully we have already met through the monthly OSS lounge or Astricon 2021.

I have been working in telecommunications since graduating from Lehigh University in 2000.  My introduction to the telecom world was with Lucent Technologies working on the Excel CSP.  Initially, my roll there was providing training and support for users writing their own application layer.  Since then I have worked in both Engineering and Support helping folks build unique solutions.  Along the way this has brought me experience developing for VoIP and traditional networks.  Everything from E1R2 on embedded switches to modern SIP applications, carrier infrastructure to your local pizza shop.

My journey with Sangoma started with the Dialogic CCD acquisition.  From there I picked up support for many of Sangoma products including the Vega gateway, SBC and FreePBX.  Although I had used Asterisk in the past in a lab environment, FreePBX was my first deep dive into the OSS world.  Helping folks through creation of custom dial-plan has been quite fun and a good learning experience.  I’ve made some contributions to the FreePBX project which is what brought me to where I am today.

Asterisk is an amazing and adaptable environment and so far I have really enjoyed seeing how the community has shaped it to fit such a variety of roles.  I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude to the team for giving me the opportunity to contribute officially.  I look forward to getting to know the community!

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