The Asterisk Community

Asterisk is the product of more than a decade of work by a community of thousands worldwide. The Asterisk Community is made up of more than 86,000 registered users, developers and advocates who have contributed their time and effort to make Asterisk the world’s most widely adopted open source communications project.

Here are a few of the benefits of registration:

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Join the Community

Welcome, and thanks for joining the Asterisk project. We appreciate your participation.

Here are a few of the benefits of registration:

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Contribute to Asterisk

Want to contribute to the project? Learn the basics of Asterisk development, along with best practices and guidelines for coding, and get access to project resources for both the new and experienced Asterisk developer.


Ask the community of Asterisk users for help and feedback on issues, including support for installing, upgrading and running Asterisk and AsteriskNow. Participate in discussions about other Asterisk-based projects, hardware and software add-ons. Asterisk forums are also the place to find and post jobs for Asterisk professionals.

Need to have an in-depth developer discussion or generally talk about development? Joining the Asterisk developer mailing list is an easy way to engage with some Asterisk developers.

Join the 24×7 live chat room for Asterisk users on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). IRC chats offers real-time collaboration with other Asterisk project users. There are Asterisk channels for both developers and administrators, and channels to dicuss documentation and bugs.

Astricon User Conference

Connect live and in person at the annual AstriCon user conference and expo. Take advantage of three days of expert sessions on a variety of topics, including VoIP, call center applications, IP phones, SIP services, cloud solutions, and more.

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Asterisk Exchange

A home for the community’s commercial products and applications built on or integrated wth Asterisk. Online marketplace listings include software, hardware and complete business communication solutions.

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