AstriCon 2024 + 25th Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that Asterisk has been around for over 25 years, but that time has arrived.

The Asterisk we know today is not the Asterisk that existed so long ago. It’s come a long way thanks to the contributions not just of Digium and now Sangoma employees, but also the community itself. We all have our own needs and directions and that is reflected in Asterisk itself with its wide range of features and functionality just like its community. Next year at AstriCon 2024 we’ll be celebrating the long life of Asterisk, remembering the old times, and thinking of the future. It will take place February 15th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as part of ITEXPO. Please come and join us! There will be old faces alongside new faces!

As well if you have any interest in speaking please submit a speaking proposal. The closing date for speaking proposals is October 14th.

Following with the theme of the 25th Anniversary I will also be doing a webinar on September 12th about the Evolution of Asterisk which includes history of the project. You can register for that here.

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