A few announcements

A few announcements

Dear Asterisk and FreePBX Communities,

Today I would like to announce the advancement of Joshua Colp to Asterisk Project Lead and Lorne Gaetz to FreePBX Project Lead, with Kapil Gupta acting as Engineering Lead for FreePBX. For those that know them well, they already do so much for the community that this is a formal recognition of the efforts they already make and will continue to make in the future.

Josh, Lorne, and Kapil have been with Sangoma for a very long time and have been extremely active in their respective open source communities. I have confidence that the leadership at Sangoma continues to believe in and will continue to invest in open source for the benefit of all, and will continue to support both Asterisk and FreePBX projects for years to come.

My own professional journey is about to take a new course as I have decided to pursue other challenges outside of Sangoma and open source, my last day being this Friday (July 1st). It has been my privilege to oversee 6 major releases of Asterisk and 2 major releases of FreePBX, and to interact with the great developers inside and outside of Sangoma working on these projects. My time here has been very enjoyable and I will miss working closely with all the wonderful people that I have gotten to know over the years. I have worked closely with Josh, Lorne, and Kapil for many years and have the utmost confidence that they will do a great job of continuing to guide these projects forward.

Both projects are staffed with solid engineering teams, have strong engineering and executive leadership support, and are well positioned to handle this change. I am confident in Sangoma and these open source teams and I look forward to seeing the awesome new directions in which they will take these projects.

To all, I wish you the very best, and thanks to the beauty of open source, I hope to continue to see you around in the future. So long, and farewell!

Matthew Fredrickson

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