Do you have a product built on Asterisk? If so, take advantage of the Asterisk Trademark Licensing Program and enjoy the established worldwide brand recognition and quality assurance that is associated with the Asterisk name. This program allows you to showcase the Asterisk logo and trademark on your website and other marketing materials so everyone can see you support the number one open source communications platform. The Asterisk Trademark Licensing Program is an opportunity for those who don’t have a business partnership with Digium, but who use or work with Asterisk, to license the ASTERISK word mark and Asterisk Speech Bubble in order to promote their product or service. Trademark licenses are available in commercial and noncommercial form. If you are using Asterisk for an open source, noncommercial project, you may be eligible for a noncommercial license free of charge. For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or view our Trademark Policy. Ready to get your Asterisk Trademark License? Submit your request now

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