www.asterisk.org and blogs.asterisk.org Moved And You (Hopefully) Didn’t Notice

www.asterisk.org and blogs.asterisk.org Moved And You (Hopefully) Didn’t Notice

Normally you will find me on this blog talking about technical aspects of Asterisk but today I’d like to talk about the Asterisk website and this blogs site. A few days ago a major shift happened with both. The www.asterisk.org site was moved from Drupal to WordPress and blogs.asterisk.org joined it in the same instance. This was a great achievement by our marketing team and I’d like to extend a thanks to them for getting it done. You might notice, however, that not much from what you see has changed as a result. That’s because this is only the beginning.

In the future the Asterisk website will be getting a refresh and a redesign. I wanted to make it known that this was happening now so people were not surprised when things did change. I would also like to take this time to ask for feedback and input on what you would like to see on the new website. What’s hard to find? What do you think should be front and center? We want to ensure that the Asterisk website is a resource you can count on and find the information you need, quickly. Feedback can be provided on the form located here.

Next blog post we will return to our regularly scheduled programming (well – blog posts as a result of programming) and with Asterisk 18 coming up you can be sure we’ll talk about it!


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  1. Unfortunately I did notice:
    1. There is an issue with the certificate … I think I had to manually import RapidSSL RSA CA 2018 …. it’s obviously not included in mozilla-nss
    2. New blog does no longer work in my preferred rss-reader (Emacs – elfeed and newsticker)

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