pjproject-2.8 Qualified For Use With Asterisk

With the release of Asterisk versions 13.24.0-rc1, 15.7.0-rc1 and 16.1.0-rc1, we’re pleased to say that pjproject-2.8 has been qualified for use with Asterisk.

In these release candidates, we’ve upgraded the bundled version of pjproject to 2.8 and we’ve verified that all 9 patches to 2.7 we provided to Teluu were included in 2.8.

Patches from bundled 2.7 included in 2.8:

  • sip_parser: Fix return code in pjsip_find_msg and add “volatile”
  • sip_transport: Destroy transports not in hash
  • sip_inv: 183 without “To” tag
  • sip_inv: Ignore transport error on completed transaction
  • sip_msg: Prevent crash on header without vptr
  • os_core: Set atomic’s mutex to NULL in atomic destroy – added few sanity checks to the atomic functions
  • sip_transaction: In tsx_timer_callback, check if tsx is already gone
  • sip_inv: Add option to accept updated SDP on same “To” tag
  • sip_inv.c: Fix race condition in 183 re-transmission deadlock

Of course there were many other fixes and improvements released in pjproject 2.8 in addition to the ones we reported.  For the full list visit https://trac.pjsip.org/repos/milestone/release-2.8

There was one breaking change in 2.8 we had to account for:  the mechanism for indicating that we wanted to use compact SIP headers changed slightly.  This required a small change to the code that processes the “system” section of pjsip.conf but there were no changes visible to the Asterisk user.

Here are the full release summaries of the Asterisk release candidates for reference:



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