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Common SIP URI Issues

When transitioning from the chan_sip channel driver to chan_pjsip one of the items that can catch people off guard is the use of SIP URIs within PJSIP. This is because in chan_sip these are generated on your behalf based on different configuration options while in chan_pjsip we leave this up to the user. Let’s take

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pjproject-2.8 Qualified For Use With Asterisk

With the release of Asterisk versions 13.24.0-rc1, 15.7.0-rc1 and 16.1.0-rc1, we’re pleased to say that pjproject-2.8 has been qualified for use with Asterisk. In these release candidates, we’ve upgraded the bundled version of pjproject to 2.8 and we’ve verified that all 9 patches to 2.7 we provided to Teluu were included in 2.8. Patches from

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Recent Security Issues

Security releases of Asterisk were recently created. In this post, we’d like to go into the depths of two of the security issues and how they affected Asterisk. Before going any further, I want to extend thanks to the following people for their help on this. Sandro Gauci ( Sandro was the person that reported

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