The Asterisk Team Is Hiring!

The Asterisk team at Sangoma is expanding and currently has two job openings posted. Let’s talk about each!

Asterisk Developer

The Asterisk developer position is for individuals who have experience with C and would like to help propel Asterisk even further. People in this position are responsible for fixing bugs, defining and writing new features, interacting with the open source community, and more.

Asterisk Community Support Engineer

This is a new position for our team and differs from the developer position. This position is responsible for issue triage, helping users on the forums, reproducing issues, and looking at trends to help the direction of Asterisk. Basic experience with C is still an asset though so it can be applied to understand what may be happening to better triage and support things.

I urge anyone who has any interest in these positions to apply. Who knows, you may become the newest member of the Asterisk team at Sangoma!


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