PJSIP 2.12 Now In Asterisk

Recently I spent some time updating Asterisk to the latest versions of the third party libraries we bundle. This includes jansson as well as PJSIP, with PJSIP being the major one used by many users of Asterisk. This means that as of Asterisk 16.26.0, 18.12.0, and 19.4.0 Asterisk bundle PJSIP 2.12. If you’ve already updated to those, or the latest releases, then you’ve been running it! Note though that subsequently 2.12.1 has been released and thus a future version of Asterisk will include that.

This allowed us to remove all of the upstreamed patches we were using and only include one new additional one.

This new patch is actually in upstream PJSIP now and was created as a result of our testsuite catching a change in the behavior of PJSIP. PJSIP altered the behavior of multiple Authorization headers, specifically changing it so only a single header was present instead. While not explicit in the RFC past discussion has come to the conclusion that multiple headers are supported. The patch, done by Teluu, adds a build time option to re-enable support for it. We enable that functionality when building the bundled PJSIP restoring the functionality and behavior we had before.

Chances are you may not have even known this update happened, which is exactly how we like it!

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