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AstriDevCon 2018 – A Recap

Hey Everybody, It’s about a month out from AstriDevCon 2018 and I wanted to write a little bit to summarize what we discussed this year. For those who are not familiar with AstriDevCon, it is an opportunity for Asterisk C-level developers, Asterisk ARI/AMI/AGI developers, and Asterisk integrators to get together to learn about what has

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Stasis: Improving performance through better caching and filtering

The stasis message bus is something that is used every day as of Asterisk 13 when you are using Asterisk. It provides the foundation of such things as CDR, CEL, ARI, AMI, and some operations in applications. It allows a message to be published and then handled by a subscriber. These messages are automatically created

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Improving Video Quality In The Real World

In the past, we’ve had a few blog posts talking about specific parts of new WebRTC work that has been done in Asterisk; but, with the release of Asterisk 16, we need to talk about the real-life impact of this work under poorly-performing networks and the resulting video experience. Before we start, let’s dive into

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Receiver Estimated Maximum Bitrate Support

For the last few months I, along with Ben Ford, have been working on improving the user experience side of the WebRTC support in Asterisk. When one thinks of user experience the first thing that comes to mind is usually a user interface but in this context I’m referring to underlying technology. Ben has been

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Asterisk 15: Multi-stream Media and SFU

In a previous post some of the upcoming changes made for Asterisk 15 have been discussed. Specifically, one of the items mentioned is the beginnings of a multi-stream media framework. Starting in 15, groundwork has been laid that greatly enhances media flow in Asterisk. Taking advantage of this new architecture, changes have also been made

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Dialplan handler routines allow customization

There are several handler routines available to allow you to customize behavior for the different states of a call. Handler routines execute outside of the normal dialplan execution flow. It makes no sense to use the Hangup application in any of them and you must return from all of them. Most of the handlers operate

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Stream Support in Asterisk

Media streams are something that we all use every day. From watching videos on Youtube to placing calls media streams are right there with us in the background. They are the flow of media between two entities. They may be bidirectional (like a phone call) or they may even be unidirectional (like the Youtube video).

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Jitter Buffer Operation and Use in Asterisk

Jitter buffer functionality has been in Asterisk for quite some time now. However, knowing what jitter is in a voice over IP (VoIP) application and when to use a de-jittering buffer to manage it may still be misunderstood by some. What is a jitter buffer In Asterisk, and generally speaking in VoIP, jitter is the

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