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PJSIP Invite Session Lifetime

In the past month I’ve been fixing an issue with Asterisk and PJSIP that I thought would be fun to share in a blog post. The originally filed issue was for a crash experienced when Asterisk was manipulating the reference count of a PJSIP invite session. For those who may be unaware the INVITE session

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Asterisk 13 and 17 Security Fix Only

While this has been mentioned in a few places I thought it prudent to also create a blog post. Asterisk 13 and Asterisk 17 have entered security fix only status. What does this mean, though? When bug fixes and changes are put up for review they will no longer be done against Asterisk 13 and

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New PJSIP Logging Functionality

When PJSIP support was written for Asterisk we naturally needed the ability to display the SIP messages being sent and received. This took the form of the res_pjsip_logger module which hooks into the message sending and receiving path and logs the messages. The functionality was written to be familiar to users of chan_sip by allowing

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Improving Core Dump Analysis

Within the Asterisk project we are constantly trying to improve our processes and data collection when a problem is encountered to reduce the back and forth for getting information. This initially started with the ast_coredumper script that is now the recommended way to collect information from a running Asterisk process or from a core dump

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PJSIP Body Generator Persistence

When PJSIP publish and subscribe functionality was created we knew we wanted to provide a pluggable mechanism to allow modules to easily extend and add new bodies. The result of this is what is known as body generators. Given a set of data they convert it into a format expected by a device, such as

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WebRTC and Asterisk: When It Goes Wrong

Like many things WebRTC is a complex stack of technology within Asterisk and also within the browser. The result of this is that to the best of our ability it doesn’t always work. The browser can change things, the network can stop things from working, the Javascript client may have an issue. This blog post

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app_queue And The Case Of The In Call Agent

The app_queue module is one of the oldest modules in Asterisk and implements call queueing functionality. You configure a queue with members and a strategy and these members receive calls as appropriate. The queue knows whether a member is reachable or not by looking at the device state (the same thing you see if your

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Recent Security Issues

Security releases of Asterisk were recently created. In this post, we’d like to go into the depths of two of the security issues and how they affected Asterisk. Before going any further, I want to extend thanks to the following people for their help on this. Sandro Gauci ( Sandro was the person that reported

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Five Shocking Tips on How to Get Asterisk Bugs Resolved Quickly

Warning, these tips may not be shocking, but you already know that and you clicked anyway! Shame! Many of us know the frustrating feeling of submitting a bug report and seeing it go through a triage process only to then watch it sit for hours, days, weeks with no response or updates. No fun at all! Yet

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