Mailing Lists, Forums & Chat (IRC)

Mailing Lists and Forums

Mailing lists are a traditional way of communicating with large groups via E-mail. An email list is provided for developer use, while a community forum is available for users.

Show consideration. It’s important to read the rules before posting on a mailing list.

Mailing List and Forum Rules

  1. Every mailing list user is expected to post in a considerate and respectful manner towards others. Profanity, name-calling, and flaming is not acceptable behavior.
  2. The person originating the post is wholly responsible for his or her own post and the language and views expressed therein.
  3. Users who commit libel or violate contracts or non-disclosure agreements within the Asterisk mailing lists will not be defended by Sangoma or anyone in the Asterisk community.
  4. Sangoma reserves the right to exclude users who cannot abide by these basic rules.
  5. Responses should be trimmed and placed under the original quoted text. (bottom-posting)
  6. Posts should be appropriate to the subject of the list.
  7. The Asterisk mailing lists and forums are completely unmoderated. The views expressed are not necessarily the views of Sangoma or the greater Asterisk community.

Asterisk users, administrators, business, and commercial offerings

If you are familiar with Asterisk and want to discuss an Asterisk subject in detail, then you’ll want to check out the forums. Here issues with administration and deployment are discussed. If you are new to Asterisk, you’ll want to first visit the Getting Started section. The forum also serves as a location for business and commercial offerings using the “Commercial” category.


Asterisk developers

Core and community Asterisk developers participate on the asterisk-dev list. This list features discussions covering bugs, patches, updates, new functionality and core architecture. If you want to start developing on Asterisk you’ll definitely want to keep up with this one.

Subscribe: asterisk-dev

Asterisk chat channels on IRC

Members of the Asterisk project use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels to collaborate in real-time. IRC is an older internet chat protocol and there are many tutorials on how to use it across the net. If you are not already familiar with it, then asking questions on the forums or mailing lists may be the easiest route.

The Asterisk IRC channels are open to the public and not moderated full-time.

IRC channels are generally frequented by technical experts and as such it’s best to follow some simple guidelines to get your question answered in a helpful manner. Many veteran IRC users will also point newbies to a post by Eric Steven Raymond to learn about asking questions in the most efficient way.

IRC Guidelines

  1. Keep your discussion topical
  2. Do not spam the channel with questions – Be patient when waiting for answers
  3. Use pastebin for pasting anything larger than a couple lines of configuration or code.
  4. Discussion of illegal activity, hateful or obscene topics are grounds for a moderator booting you
  5. Do be tolerable, reasonable, friendly and helpful

Asterisk channels on Libera Chat

Asterisk administrators and people who work with Asterisk in general hang out here. When asking for help, you’ll often be asked to gather debug. Read up here to find out how.

This is a channel to discuss Asterisk development. Before asking questions about Asterisk code you may want to check out the coding guidelines and consult development documentation.

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