Asterisk Security Release 19.8.1 Now Available

The Asterisk Development Team would like to announce security release
Asterisk 19.8.1.

The release artifacts are available for immediate download at

The following security advisories were resolved in this release:

Change Log for Release 19.8.1


– [Full ChangeLog](
– [GitHub Diff](…19.8.1)
– [Tarball](
– [Downloads](


– apply_patches: Use globbing instead of file/sort.
– bundled_pjproject: Backport 2 SSL patches from upstream
– bundled_pjproject: Backport security fixes from pjproject 2.13.1
– apply_patches: Sort patch list before applying

User Notes:

Upgrade Notes:

Closed Issues:

– #188: [improvement]: pjsip: Upgrade bundled version to pjproject 2.13.1 #187
– #193: [bug]: third-party/apply-patches doesn’t sort the patch file list before applying
– #194: [bug]: Segfault/double-free in bundled pjproject using TLS transport

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