Asterisk GUI 2.1.0-rc1 Now Available

The Asterisk Development Team has announced the first release candidate of Asterisk-GUI 2.1.0. This release candidate is available for immediate download at

The release of Asterisk-GUI 2.1.0-rc1 resolves several issues reported by the community. Without your help this release would not have been possible.Thank you!

Please help test this release candidate against Asterisk 1.8, and report any issues to in the Asterisk-GUI project. Thanks!

Below is a sample of the issues resolved in this release:

New Features

Compatible with Asterisk 1.6.x and 1.8
New option to record MeetMe conferences
14459 – AddQueueMember support

Better compatibility with webkit browsers
Real Asterisk version comparison with greater than/less than functionality
Cache Asterisk version calculations for improved browser responsiveness
default to alwaysauthreject = yes
New options in configuration of vpmadt032.
Bug Fixes

Fix display of sample bulk user input lines
Fix use of reserved Javascript keyword “char” in context parsing method.
ASTGUI-383 – Modify file-caching behavior to cache contexts separately.
ASTGUI-354 – Fix bug in extensions.conf app argument parsing function where string was added to return array only if it was empty.
Fix bug where attempting to empty a context which is already empty causes an error and prohibits the callback function from being executed.
Handle errors pertaining to unknown status from manager events more gracefully for 1.8 compatibility.
Show agents with technology “DAHDI” correctly.
18646 – Fix issue where BLF does not work for users configured in the GUI
17316 – Fix issue where conference interface always empty
18080 – Fix issue where subscribecontext was not validated correctly
Thank you for your continued support of Asterisk!

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