Asterisk 11.18.0 Now Available

The Asterisk Development Team has announced the release of Asterisk 11.18.0. This release is available for immediate download at

The release of Asterisk 11.18.0 resolves several issues reported by the community and would have not been possible without your participation.

Thank you!

The following are the issues resolved in this release:


  • [ASTERISK-14233] – Buddies are always auto-registered when processing the roster
  • [ASTERISK-18032] – – IPv6 and IPv4 NAT not working
  • [ASTERISK-19538] – Asterisk segfaults on sippeers realtime redundancy
  • [ASTERISK-19608] – Asterisk-1.8.x starts rejecting calls with cause code 44 after some time.
  • [ASTERISK-21211] – chan_iax2 – unprotected access of iaxs[peer->callno] potentially results in segfault
  • [ASTERISK-21777] – Asterisk tries to transcode video instead of audio
  • [ASTERISK-21854] – Long Asterisk-version strings display improperly in the ‘Connected to …’ line upon remote console connection
  • [ASTERISK-21893] – Segfault after call hangup, in ast_channel_hangupcause_set, at channel_internal_api.c
  • [ASTERISK-22352] – IAX2 custom qualify timer is not taken into account
  • [ASTERISK-22708] – res_odbc.conf negative_connection_cache option not respected, failover between DSNs doesn’t work
  • [ASTERISK-22790] – check_modem_rate() may return incorrect rate for V.27
  • [ASTERISK-23231] – Since 405693 If we have res_fax.conf file set to minrate=2400, then res_fax refuse to load
  • [ASTERISK-23319] – Segmentation fault in queue_exec at app_queue.c
  • [ASTERISK-24142] – CCSS: crash during shutdown due to device lookup in destroyed container
  • [ASTERISK-24155] – Non-portable and non-reliable recursion detection in ast_malloc
  • [ASTERISK-24380] – core: Native formats are set to h264 with certain audio/video codec configuration, resulting in path translation WARNINGs
  • [ASTERISK-24442] – Outgoing call files don’t work properly when set in the future
  • [ASTERISK-24683] – Crash in PBX ast_hashtab_lookup_internal during core restart now
  • [ASTERISK-24749] – ConfBridge: Wrong language on playing conf-hasjoin and conf-hasleft when played to bridge
  • [ASTERISK-24774] – Segfault in ast_context_destroy with extensions.ael and extensions.conf
  • [ASTERISK-24780] – – Buddies are always auto-registered when processing the roster
  • [ASTERISK-24805] – – ASAN: Race condition (heap-use-after-free) on asterisk closing
  • [ASTERISK-24847] – [security] tcptls: certificate CN NULL byte prefix bug
  • [ASTERISK-24864] – app_confbridge: file playback blocks dtmf
  • [ASTERISK-24881] – ast_register_atexit should only be used when absolutely needed
  • [ASTERISK-24887] – tags in a=crypto lines do not accept 2 or more digits
  • [ASTERISK-24894] – iax2_poke_noanswer expiration timer too short
  • [ASTERISK-24895] – After hangup on the side of the ISDN network no HangupRequest event comes for the dahdi channel.
  • [ASTERISK-24916] – Increasing memory usage when multiple reinvite during call
  • [ASTERISK-24932] – Asterisk 13.x does not build with GCC 5.0
  • [ASTERISK-24942] – Voicemail API: message is deleted when destination mailbox is at maxmsg
  • [ASTERISK-24944] – main/audiohook.c change prevents G722 call recording
  • [ASTERISK-24954] – Git migration: Asterisk version numbers are incompatible with the Test Suite
  • [ASTERISK-24955] – res_fax: v.27ter support baud rate of 2400, which is disallowed in res_fax’s check_modem_rate
  • [ASTERISK-24959] – CLI command cdr show pgsql status
  • [ASTERISK-24975] – Enabling ‘DEBUG_THREADLOCALS’ Causes the Build to Fail
  • [ASTERISK-24976] – cdr_odbc not include new columns added on 1.8
  • [ASTERISK-24991] – Check for ao2_alloc failure in __ast_channel_internal_alloc
  • [ASTERISK-25022] – Memory leak setting up DTLS/SRTP calls
  • [ASTERISK-25028] – Build System: Unneeded defines in asterisk/buildopts.h
  • [ASTERISK-25034] – chan_dahdi: Some telco switches occasionally ignore ISDN RESTART requests.
  • [ASTERISK-25038] – Queue log “EXITWITHTIMEOUT” does not always contain waiting time
  • [ASTERISK-25041] – Broken column type checking in res_config_mysql addon
  • [ASTERISK-25042] – asterisk.conf options override command-line options.
  • [ASTERISK-25074] – Regression: Recent clang-related change broke cross compiling of Asterisk
  • [ASTERISK-25083] – Message.c: Message channel becomes saturated with frames leading to spammy log messages
  • [ASTERISK-25112] – Logger: Configuration settings are not reset to default during reload.


For a full list of changes in this release, please see the ChangeLog:

Thank you for your continued support of Asterisk!

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