Asterisk 19 Branch Cut

I’m happy to announce that the Asterisk 19 branch has been cut, and is now frozen in regards to core changes and any changes which may break binary and developer API compatibility. This would be called “feature freeze” in the past but due to our current policies on feature inclusion, that doesn’t seem as fitting anymore. To that end this is a topic I’ll be bringing up at AstriDevCon this year – a new name for what this is!

Simply “branch creation”? Perhaps “core freeze”? I’m not quite sure yet!

If you’d like to test Asterisk 19, however, feel free to check out the 19 branch. Note that as of this writing binary modules for some codecs and DPMA are not yet available, but will be built very shortly. If you encounter any issues please file them on the issue tracker. If you don’t feel comfortable checking out the branch directly then I’d suggest waiting for the first release candidate which will occur as we approach AstriCon.

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