Asterisk 19.0.0 Released!

Greetings All!

If you haven’t noticed from the various emails and posts Asterisk 19.0.0 has now been released and is available for download here! As previously mentioned in our blog post for 19.0.0-rc1 this is a standard release, meaning it will be supported for bug fixes for one year and for security fixes for an additional year. The most recent supported LTS release is Asterisk 18. If you have any issues don’t hesitate to use the Asterisk issue tracker at to report them. Just a reminder as well that Asterisk 13 and 17 are now end of life, meaning they no longer receive any security fixes. If you are on either of these versions I urge you to update to a supported version, with Asterisk 18 being the latest LTS release.

Have a great day everyone, and enjoy Asterisk 19!

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