Asterisk 18.20.0, 20.5.0, and 21.0.0 Released! (And 16 is EOL)

This is just a quick blog post to make everyone aware that Asterisk 18.20.0, 20.5.0, and the first release of 21 – 21.0.0 are now released! You can find them for download on the downloads site. Upgrading for 18 and 20 should be uneventful as usual, but for 21 you may encounter issues. This is because deprecated functionality has been removed from it, such as the chan_sip module. If you encounter this then you can downgrade back to 20 and work on removing your usage of deprecated functionality.

Asterisk 16 is now also end of life. This means it no longer receives any security fixes. The state it is in now is the state it will be for the future. If you’re on Asterisk 16 then it is recommended to upgrade to Asterisk 20, as that will give you the longest supported time frame. Asterisk 19 will also be going end of life next month. As always you can keep track of timelines on the documentation site on the Asterisk Versions page.

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