Asterisk 14.0.0-rc1 released!

In the past eight weeks since the first beta release of Asterisk 14.0.0, and as we drive towards a general release, community members have collaborated to address more than a dozen important changes in Asterisk.  Today, with the release of Asterisk 14.0.0-rc1 (release candidate 1) we now find ourselves on the precipice.  The final release of Asterisk 14.0.0 is expected to coincide with next week’s annual AstriCon conference Monday, September 26th.

During the course of this coming week, we need the community’s help to find any last-minute, show-stopping bugs.  So please (please!) download 14.0.0-rc1 immediately and start testing.  If you run into any issues, report them following the Asterisk Issue Guidelines procedure so that they can be addressed.

Thanks *so* much again for using Asterisk, and we look forward to seeing many of you next week at AstriDevCon as well as Astricon.

Stay tuned as well for this Wednesday’s regularly-scheduled technical blog post.  Richard Mudgett will be writing about one of Asterisk 14’s new features: publishing extension state to an external entity.

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