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Introducing Dana the Stream Gatekeeper

In this troubling time of dealing with COVID-19 around the world we’re seeing more and more need for tools to help in communicating with co-workers, friends and family. Asterisk has historically proven itself as one of the key puzzle pieces when it comes to enacting change and evolution in the communications space. The power of

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Building a Channel Driver – Part 2

Review This blog post is the follow up to part 1, which can be found here. If you haven’t read it yet, that would be a good place to start, especially if you want to build your own channel driver. Here’s a recap of what we’ve done so far. We created chan_groovy.c, res_groovy.c, and res_groovy.h,

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Happy New Year – A Community Update

Hello everyone…for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jared Smith, Sangoma’s new Vice President for Open Source Community Development. Ever since I first started using open source telephony software back in 2002, I’ve tried to give back to the community. I’ve done Asterisk consulting, I’ve written Asterisk documentation, I’ve taught Asterisk training classes,

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Year End Message to our Open Source Community

Hello Everyone, As a public company CEO, I write a “Letter to Shareholders” once per year, leading up to our Annual General Meeting. But shareholders are one of the multiple ‘key constituencies’ at Sangoma (others would include customers, employees, and yes, our valued open source community). So, as 2019 draws to a close, I thought

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Did you know you can use “@” variables in pjsip.conf?

You probably already know that you can use the “set_var” parameter on pjsip endpoints to add variables to a channel using that endpoint but did you know you can set custom variables using the “@” prefix?  They aren’t available via the CHANNEL function but they _are_ available using the PJSIP_ENDPOINT and PJSIP_AOR dialplan functions and

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Asterisk Usage Survey

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Matthew Fredrickson and I’m the project lead for the Asterisk project. First off, I wanted to thank all of you that contribute in various ways to the project – whether it be at a developmental level, answering questions on forums and mailing lists,

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Meet Chris Savinovich!

Earlier this year, the Asterisk team at Digium got a little bit bigger!  For today’s blog post, I’m going to interview Chris Savinovich, the most recent addition to Digium’s Asterisk development team with the intent that all of you may get to know him a little better. [Matt] Hey Chris, first off, we’re super excited

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Asterisk 15 Webinar

Slight interlude from your regularly scheduled programming. For any interested, Matthew Fredrickson, manager of the Asterisk project, will be giving a webinar on Tuesday December 5th 2017 about Asterisk 15 and what’s new with Asterisk since the 14 release. You can get info about it at: It will be live at 9AM, 2PM, and 8PM

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