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R.I.P. Media Index Cache!

If you’ve been concerned about slow Asterisk startup times or excessive memory utilization, we’ve got some good news for you.  We’ve eliminated the media index cache that gets built when Asterisk starts. Currently, when Asterisk starts, one of the tasks is to do a scan of /var/lib/asterisk/sounds and build an index of every sound file,

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The Continuing Saga of Continuous Integration

or… “Watch This Space” If you’re an Asterisk contributor you’ve probably noticed that we’d been having issues with large numbers of Jenkins test failures during the “gate” phase of the Gerrit review process.  Some tests were failing consistently and others seemed random.  After a lot of head scratching we finally figured out the major contributor

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WANTED: Dead or Alive!

The Story of Asterisk and Keep-Alives The vast majority of VoIP communications is done via UDP datagrams.  It’s a no-overhead protocol which makes it fast and although it also makes it unreliable, the SIP and RTP protocols and our own ears and eyes can tolerate a certain amount of packet loss quite easily.   From a

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