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IP Phones for Asterisk

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Business Phones Designed for Asterisk

Digium Phones are the first IP business phones designed specifically for Asterisk. All models include HDVoice, feature unprecedented plug-and-play deployment, and are available at a price to fit any budget. With multiple line appearances, contextual soft keys, and advanced applications, you can access the information you need instantly. Digium’s IP phones are the only phones that allow you take full advantage of the flexibility and customization of Asterisk.

Plug-and-Play Deployment

Easy and Secure installations are made available by the Digium Phone Module for Asterisk. The DPMA is a free, binary module that loads into Asterisk like other resource modules (res_musiconhold.so, res_odbc.so, etc...). This allows Digium phones to automatically discover Asterisk servers on the network for secure, no-touch provisioning. 

Increase Productivity with Advanced Applications

The DPMA allows Asterisk to share rich information with Digium phones so you can access advanced applications right from the phone’s interface. You'll know your coworker's status before you call, be able to access visual voicemail, and transfer calls quickly and seamlessly with the integrated contacts applications. In addition to the suite of standard built-in applications, Digium phones feature the Digium App Engine API, which allows for custom apps to be built in JavaScript. More than the simple XML browsers found on other business IP phones, the Digium App Engine allows for full-fledged applications, running natively on the phone, with powerful access to Asterisk internal information. 

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