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Add reliable, high capacity fax capabilities to your Asterisk system with Sangoma’s Fax For Asterisk. It provides Asterisk dial-plan functions and applications that make it easy to build custom fax solutions. It’s also future-proof, offering support for traditional analog fax technologies and T.38 SIP faxing.


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Fax For Asterisk provides two components: res_fax and res_fax_digium. Res_fax is an Asterisk resource module that adds fax termination and origination functionality in Asterisk. It provides Asterisk dialplan functions and dialplan applications to enable the user to build highly-customizable fax solutions. Res_fax_digium provides core fax processing functionality in the form of several supported fax modems — V.21, V.27ter, V.29, and V.17 — to achieve speeds up to 14400bps.

Fax For Asterisk provides the functionality to send and receive faxes to / from TDM and IP channels — TDM channels are established across Sangoma telephony boards and IP channels can use regular G.711 audio encoding or T.38 encapsulation.

Faxes transmitted and received by Fax For Asterisk begin and end as TIFF image files. TIFF files may be readily converted into or from other formats using standard Linux command-line utilities.

Fax for Asterisk is no longer required to fax in Switchvox 6.x or higher.


Sangoma customers using Fax For Asterisk may purchase license keys coded for a specific number of channels. Each channel of capability allows Fax For Asterisk to initiate one modem session and process one fax session. As customers need additional channel capacity, they may purchase additional channels of fax capacity and register those keys to their existing Asterisk system to use the aggregate number of channels available across all keys registered to a single Asterisk.

Free Fax Channel for Asterisk

Additionally, each open source or commercial Asterisk system is eligible to receive from Sangoma, a single channel of Fax For Asterisk, called “Free Fax For Asterisk.” This Free Fax For Asterisk channel is provided under license as-is, without technical support, and is available to all Asterisk users as a free, no-cost purchase from the Asterisk webstore. Only one channel of Free Fax For Asterisk may be used with an installation of Asterisk. If you require multiple channels of Fax capability, or if you require Sangoma’s technical support, you may purchase channels of Fax For Asterisk.

Supported Configurations

Fax For Asterisk and Free Fax For Asterisk are provided for 32-bit and 64 bit x86 Linux systems.

Asterisk versions 12 and earlier are supported. Asterisk version 13 or later does not support Fax For Asterisk.

For more information read our Fax for Asterisk FAQ.

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