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Improved PJSIP Qualify Support Performance

One of the most difficult things in PJSIP is ensuring that the experience is the best it can be for not just people who configure their Asterisk from normal configuration files but also from a database. This presents quite a challenge and one of the areas that has been problematic has been qualify support. Qualify

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Asterisk, ODBC, and Connections

As mentioned in a previous post there have been some fundamental changes made to the Asterisk ODBC resource module, res_odbc. Specifically, the single connection bottle neck was removed in favor of a reusable connection pool model implemented within unixODBC itself. Upgrade ODBC for Stability Unfortunately these changes, while beneficial, have caused a few problems. These

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Asterisk 13.9.0 Notable Changes

It seems just like yesterday that Asterisk 13.8.0 was released but here we are with an Asterisk 13.9.0 (and subsequently 13.9.1). This post shines the light on some notable changes that may impact and be useful for everyone. app_queue A change went in to Asterisk 13.8.0 to fix an issue where the wrapuptime would not

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Asterisk 13.8.0 Highlights

Asterisk 13.8.0 was just recently released. As usual this release includes bug fixes as well as a few new features. Many of which were submitted and patched by community members and contributors. Many thanks goes out to all those who made this release a success. As mentioned many items were attended to, but we’ll highlight

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The Gutting of ODBC in Asterisk

When Asterisk 13.8.0 gets released, it will contain a large-scale change to the ODBC code. Those of you that use ODBC for your realtime configuration will either see no change or a performance improvement. The big change is how Asterisk manages ODBC connections: it doesn’t do it anymore. Why remove ODBC connection management? Like most

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