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Improving Core Dump Analysis

Within the Asterisk project we are constantly trying to improve our processes and data collection when a problem is encountered to reduce the back and forth for getting information. This initially started with the ast_coredumper script that is now the recommended way to collect information from a running Asterisk process or from a core dump

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The case of the blocked AMI Stasis subscription

Manager is an API that has been in Asterisk for almost as long as Asterisk has existed. It provides a mechanism to see what is happening in Asterisk and to also cause things to happen. While the public facing API hasn’t undergone any radical changes since it came into existence the way it works internally

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Continuous Integration Update

Back in December in my The Continuing Saga of Continuous Integration blog post I wrote about how we reduced the Testsuite’s “27” layers of file system access down to 3 by moving the Docker container’s /tmp filesystem to be memory backed.  That reduced the number of individual test failures by quite a bit but still

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The Case Of The Misunderstood PJSIP Callback

When the PJSIP work for Asterisk began one of the primary concerns kept in mind was that it be extensible. One of the APIs derived from this concern was session supplements. Session supplements are a way for modules to add themselves in to the handling of SIP messages for sessions (or calls as you may know

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Triaging Asterisk Issues

When you file an issue on the Asterisk JIRA you might notice that a few people may end up looking and participating in it. The first person, however, is usually just doing triage. What is triage? Well – before a developer looks at an issue it is vetted to ensure that it is a valid issue

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