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PJSIP: DNS Manager (dnsmgr) and Full Dynamic Hostname Support, Coming Soon!

Recently there’s been discussion on chan_sip going away in the future which led to many comparisons between it and chan_pjsip. What does chan_pjsip do better? What is chan_pjsip missing? What does chan_sip do better? What does chan_pjsip have that chan_sip doesn’t? Enter dnsmgr for PJSIP One thing chan_sip has that chan_pjsip was lacking is the

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New Feature: PJSIP Dual Stack

A new feature that was initially implemented during a recent visit to SIPit has now been merged into the 13, 14, and master Asterisk branches. It’s called PJSIP dual stack! For those who may be unfamiliar with what dual stack is it is technique of running both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity on a system. This

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Asterisk 14 DNS: Resolve to Resolve

Asterisk 14: Coming with improved PJSIP DNS Support spoke about the new core DNS API, and mentioned several of the enhancements implemented. In this post we will focus more on the pluggable module that wraps the unbound DNS resolver library mentioned. Specifically with regards to how it can be used. res_resolver_unbound Besides the default system

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