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Announcing a New Compile Option for app_voicemail Storage.

Asterisk offers its users great flexibility in most of its features. One of them is the choice between three different modules for different ways to store voicemail. These include: To a file  (app_voicemail – default) To an ODBC database (app_voicemail_odbc) To IMAP (app_voicemail_imap) The good news for Asterisk administrators is starting with version 17, we

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pjproject-2.9 Qualified For Use With Asterisk

We’re pleased to say that we’ve qualified pjproject 2.9 with Asterisk and that the recent 13.28 and 16.5 Asterisk releases have the bundled pjproject updated to the new version.  All of the patches against pjproject 2.8 we’ve previously submitted upstream to Teluu (the maintainers of pjproject) were accepted but since the release of 2.9, we’ve

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Continuous Integration Update

Back in December in my The Continuing Saga of Continuous Integration blog post I wrote about how we reduced the Testsuite’s “27” layers of file system access down to 3 by moving the Docker container’s /tmp filesystem to be memory backed.  That reduced the number of individual test failures by quite a bit but still

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Continuous Integration: Helping to find problems.

Continuous integration isn’t something that many people in the Asterisk project think about but it is a critical part of the development of Asterisk. It provides assurances on changes that go in and allows us to find problems faster, usually before a release occurs. The first introduction someone may have to our continuous integration is

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Automatically Download Binary Modules: New Feature in Asterisk 13.12 and 14.1

The Digium Phone Module for Asterisk and the g729a, silk, siren7 and siren14 codec binary modules hosted at can now be automatically downloaded and installed during the Asterisk install process. If selected in make menuselect under the ‘External’ sections of ‘Resource Modules’ and ‘Codec Translators’ respectively, ‘make install’ will check the web site for the

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Asterisk 13.8.0 Highlights

Asterisk 13.8.0 was just recently released. As usual this release includes bug fixes as well as a few new features. Many of which were submitted and patched by community members and contributors. Many thanks goes out to all those who made this release a success. As mentioned many items were attended to, but we’ll highlight

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Asterisk 13.8.0: Now With Easier PJSIP Install Method!

Asterisk 13.8.0 will come with a new option for enabling PJSIP functionality. This functionality is called bundling and comes courtesy of a community member, George Joseph, who you can also thank for such PJSIP additions as wizards for configuration and the PJSIP_HEADER dialplan function. Before we talk about bundling let’s take a look at the history

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