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From the maintainers of the Asterisk Open Source Project.

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From the maintainers of the Asterisk Open Source Project.

Developers and administrators can rely on the expertise of Sangoma, the primary sponsor and developer of Asterisk, for solutions to their problems. Support services for Asterisk are provided in five separate offerings for “Core” components of current LTS versions of open source Asterisk. (For more information about Core components of Asterisk, please see the Asterisk Module Support States wiki page.) Support Level 5, suitable for OEMs and enterprises, is reserved for companies that require a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Engineering support. SLAs are negotiated based on the particular needs of the customer, and include guaranteed response and resolution times. Support Level 5 requires the utilization of Certified Asterisk.

1 Supported Software: Support Levels 1-4 cover Core modules of the current major Asterisk LTS releases and many of Sangoma’s Asterisk add-on components. Support Level 5 applies only to Certified Asterisk as specified by the customer’s support agreement with Sangoma. For more information about current LTS and Standard releases of Asterisk, please see the Asterisk Versions wiki page. What are Core modules? 2 Problem Resolution Support: Need help? Sangoma’s technical support team is there to back you up. If you require assistance with installation, have configuration questions, or need some help troubleshooting, then give us a call. Or open a case from the Sangoma customer support portal. In either case Sangoma will work with you to make your Asterisk solution a success. The terms of subscriptions are governed by the formal Asterisk Support Agreement. Please refer to the agreement for the full legal details of your Support. In the event that this page and the formal agreement disagree over a point, the Asterisk Support Agreement takes precedence.

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