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There are two different types of Asterisk releases: Long Term Support and Standard. The type of release defines how long it will be supported. A Long Term Support release is fully supported for 4 years, with an additional year of maintenance for security fixes. Standard releases are supported for a shorter period of time; one year of full support and an additional year of maintenance for security fixes. Releases for these versions are generally made every six to eight weeks. Certified Asterisk releases have undergone additional testing and are made less frequently – typically two to four times a year. Certified Asterisk releases are generally identical to the Long Term Support release they are based on, save for additional bug fixes that have been backported from the current mainline branch, and that were applied during testing. Users new to Asterisk are encouraged to download the latest Long Term Support release, with the guidance that Certified Asterisk branches based on those releases have the least churn. The following are the current supported Asterisk releases available for download:
Release Series Support Type Release Frequency
Asterisk 21 Standard 6-8 Weeks
Asterisk 20 LTS 6-8 Weeks
Asterisk 18 LTS 6-8 Weeks
Certified Asterisk 18 LTS 2-4 times per year
More information about the various versions of Asterisk is available on the Asterisk Versions wiki page.  A complete listing of download options can be found on the Downloads Server.  Information about installing Asterisk from source is available on the Installing Asterisk from Source Wiki pages.

Long Term Support (LTS) Releases

Long Term Support (LTS) releases are made from Asterisk branches where the focus has been on stability and user experience. New point releases include the latest bug fixes.

Asterisk 20 - LTS

Asterisk 18 - LTS

Certified Asterisk 18 - LTS

Standard Releases

Standard releases are made from branches of Asterisk that received major new features. These branches are supported for a shorter period of time relative to LTS branches. Bug fix releases are made for one year, while security releases are extended for an additional year.

Asterisk 21

Test Releases

Test Releases are previews of the next versions of Asterisk.  Each is in an alpha, beta, or a release candidate phase.  Users who need to run the latest release for a bugfix are encouraged to test the test releases in their environments and provide feedback to the issue tracker.

Asterisk 21

Asterisk 20

Asterisk 18

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