How to Install & Configure FreePBX from Distro

The FreePBX distro gives you FreePBX software, Linux, and all the tools you need to start building a custom communications solution. Once your download has completed, visit the FreePBX wiki for step-by-step instructions on installing and configuring the official FreePBX distro. Or, enroll in FreePBX Essentials, an online training course from Sangoma, the maintainer and sponsor of the FreePBX project.

How to Register Your System

Registering your system in the Sangoma Portal gives you access to future releases, special offers, product updates, and more. The Sangoma Portal is also a great resource for professional voice prompts, supporting hardware, and licensing.

Find Features & Modules

FreePBX is packed with advanced features out-of-the-box, allowing you to quickly and easily build a phone system from scratch. Sangoma also offers many services and add-on modules to extend your system and ensure your FreePBX installation is the perfect fit for your needs.  

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Get Support

The FreePBX community includes thousands of the brightest minds from across the globe. Join the FreePBX forums for access to community support or get commercial support from Sangoma.

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Learn about Commercial Support

Explore Hardware

Sangoma has designed affordable products specifically for use with FreePBX that help to fund the project. These include IP phones, telephony cards, VoIP gateways, and session border controllers.

Explore Hardware

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