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Asterisk Containers and Objects (ao2)

For those of you budding Asterisk developers out there, you may find yourself browsing the source code. All over, you’ll find function calls prefixed with “ast”, like “ast_read” or “ast_poll”. But then you’ll come across something that starts with “ao2”, and you might wonder “What does that mean? Why does it have that name?”. This blog

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Recent Security Issues

Security releases of Asterisk were recently created. In this post, we’d like to go into the depths of two of the security issues and how they affected Asterisk. Before going any further, I want to extend thanks to the following people for their help on this. Sandro Gauci ( Sandro was the person that reported

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rtcp-mux in WebRTC

Do you use WebRTC with Asterisk? Did you notice calls stop working after updating Google Chrome to version 57? Are you curious why that happened? The answer is the rtcp-mux feature. What is rtcp-mux? The majority of VoIP protocols make use of the Realtime Transmission Protocol (RTP) for transmitting and receiving media. In addition to

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You Down With SDP? (Yeah you know me)

In the previous post, Josh introduced the forthcoming addition of streams to Asterisk. I’m going to piggyback on that to introduce a unified SDP API to Asterisk. What’s the motivation behind these additions?  In recent years, Asterisk has risen above its old branding as a PBX. Support for WebRTC, combined with a REST API, has

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Push it Real Good! (or ARI Push Configuration)

Veterans of Asterisk configuration have likely dealt with static configuration files or realtime before. Since Asterisk 13.5.0, there is a new player in town: ARI push configuration. How does ARI push configuration work? ARI push configuration uses a subsystem of Asterisk called sorcery. This is the first mention of sorcery on this blog, and I

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The Gutting of ODBC in Asterisk

When Asterisk 13.8.0 gets released, it will contain a large-scale change to the ODBC code. Those of you that use ODBC for your realtime configuration will either see no change or a performance improvement. The big change is how Asterisk manages ODBC connections: it doesn’t do it anymore. Why remove ODBC connection management? Like most

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