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Wednesday, October 14 - Open Source and the Global Disruption of Telecom - What Choices Will We Make? - Dan York

There is a battle raging for the global future of telecommunications and the Internet. Taking place in networks, board rooms and legislatures, the battle will determine how we all communicate and what opportunities will exist. Will telecom support innovation? Will it be accessible to all? Will it give us the level of security and privacy we need to have the open, trusted Internet? Or will it be restricted and limited by corporate or government gatekeepers?
The rise of voice-over-IP has fundamentally disrupted the massive global telecommunications industry, infrastructure and policies. Open source software such as Asterisk has been a huge driver of that disruption and innovation.. but now what? What role do platforms such as Asterisk play in this space? And what can be their role in a telecom infrastructure that is now mobile, increasingly embedded (Internet of Things) and more and more using proprietary walled gardens of communication?
Join the Internet Society's Dan York in an exploration of what the future holds for telecom infrastructure and policy - and how the choices we make will determine that future.

Wednesday, October 14 - Everything Changes and Nothing Stands Still - The Philosophies of Business Transformation - Bill Wignall

In the fifth century BC, the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus, probably wouldn’t be viewed as a business visionary. But his notion that “everything changes and nothing stands still” simply and effectively underscores the importance of business transformation now, in the twenty-first century. From SMB to enterprise, from shipper to executive, the importance of defining, leading and sustaining a culture of continuous business change is what will separate those that evolve from those that dissolve. Join Bill Wignall, President and CEO of Sangoma as he provides personal and experiential insight into the critical and transformative potential of technology and innovation.

Thursday, October 15 - Danny Windham

Danny will chart the journey of comms from a stand-alone application to an essential element embedded in every aspect of running a business. He will highlight the changes along the way, and draw some conclusions about the way Asterisk, Switchvox and Respoke can be put to work in the modern world to help people achieve the best comms solution for them.