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At AstriCon we always strive to bring you the best keynotes in terms of what is happening and where things are going in the world of Asterisk and in the more general world of communications. This year we've surpassed ourselves! As communications as a technology, and as a service, continues its move towards the web, two groups of people have questions... Those observing this move are asking "what's next?" and those creating or adding value around the move are asking "how?"

We're fortunate to have two industry heavy-weights with us this year that are well and truly involved in the introduction and continued innovation of web-based communications to provide the answers:

Thursday, October 23, 9:00AM - 9:50AM
Craig Walker has been the leading the revolution of voice and video communications solutions for a number of years, and has an amazing pedigree in founding Dialpad, Yahoo! Voice, GrandCentral Communications and UberConference. Along the way he has worked with Google on Google Voice, Google Talk, Google Talk Video (does anything scream web communications more than the words 'google', 'voice', 'video'?) - so those wishing to get the inside track will be on the edge of their seats as Craig reflects on his involvement in the journey of communications to the web, and shares observations about the way things are heading.

Friday, October 24, 9:00AM - 9:50AM
Can you imagine someone better placed to talk about how communications can be best closeted in the cloud and wired to the web than a guy that had a leadership role in the Asterisk project before moving to Red Hat to work on OpenStack and becoming a an elected member of the OpenStack Technical Committee? That guy is Russell Bryant and we are very pleased to say that Russell is still involved in Asterisk and has served as the OpenStack Compute (Nova) Project Technical Lead for two releases (Havana and Icehouse), and he is still a member of the Nova Core team. This places him very well indeed to share his views on where we are and his perspective on opportunity for further innovation.