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dCAP - Digium Certified Asterisk ProfessionalThe dCAP, or Digium Certified Asterisk Professional exam, is the pre-eminent Asterisk Certification. This Professional level certification consists of a 1.5 hour practical exam, as well as a 1.5 hour written exam. This comprehensive test confirms the recipient to be a genuine Asterisk Expert, by testing the individual's knowledge of Asterisk configuration and implementation, as well as related Traditional and IP telephony technologies. It is a rigorous exam targeted at Asterisk professionals with a minimum of 6 months practical Asterisk experience. dCAP holders consistently enjoy the benefits of being held in the highest demand by those looking to hire premier Asterisk Consulting, Administration, and Development talent. Should you choose to sit the exam in the hopes to count yourself amongst the proud few holders of a dCAP number.

If you currently hold a dCAP be sure to enter your number during the registration process to take advantage of dCAP-exclusive rewards at Astricon. 

If you would like to register to take the dCAP exam at Astricon check the "Include dCAP certification exam" box

Please note that the exam will only take place during conference hours. Once you are registered you will be notificed via email of your scheduled time slot. 

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