Thank You For Watching AstriCon Plan(9)

We will be posting the presentations from this year’s AstriCon on the Asterisk YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

About AstriCon

As much as we would love to host AstriCon 2020 in person as we have for the past 16 years, the global pandemic has us, along with others, moving to a virtual event. Our goal remains the same – to bring you the latest updates on open source development, delivered to you by many of our top community members while also providing attendees the ability to network and engage with each other.
Since it’s not a traditional AstriCon we’re calling it AstriCon (Plan 9). It will be a two-day virtual conference that will include open source training and pro tips along with sessions on security, video, collaboration, and more. We will also be hosting several Open Source Lounges throughout the conference to give attendees a place to take a break and chat with speakers and community members.

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